Know the BBA results in National University very easily. Every year, National University has held BBA exams in time and published results in due course. BBA Examination Results of Professional Courses 2019 are very easy to download from any website without any hassle.

NU BBA Result 2019 ( 2018-2017 ) How To Download

Under the National University, you can download the results of the BBA exam in below mentioned form in this post. Generally, you can download BBA Result 2018-2019 in two ways online.

→ First method: First you click on the link given below

→ Then you will see a page like this below

→ Click the plus button beside the professional option or beside it

→ Then select the first BBA Result there

→ New options will come out.

→ Enter your BBA Roll Number in the Exam Roll box

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→ Submit the latest Search Result button by clicking on it

→ If all is well, then your results will come in a while

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Second method:

BD National University BBA Final Year Result 2018-2019 Download PDF File –

In this case, if the National University uploads the BBA Final Exam Result 2017-2018 PDF file then we will link here. Otherwise you can download the results by following the first method.

National University NU BBA Result 2019 (2018-2017) Update / NU Result BD

National University’s BBA Honors 1st Year 2nd Semester, BBA Honors 2nd Year 3rd Semester, BBA 3rd Year 4th Semester, BBA 4th Year 8th Semester and BBA Final Year Exam Results 2017-2018 For any related topic, visit / recent-news-notice.php. And to get the results and routines, watch this page.

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NU Professional B.B.A 1st Semester Result 2019 Published By NUBD.INFO

BBA 1st year result 2019 Or B.B.A first year result 2019 And BBA 2nd year result 2019 Or B.B.A second year result 2019 amader ai website theke khub shojei sobar age Download link paben. Genarelly bba 1st year and bba 2nd year mile one semester hoy. karon national university ar bba course ta totally 4 ti semestere 8 ti group a vag kora. so apni BBA first semester result 2019 somporkito je kono update pete visit korun or te.

Professional BBA 2nd Semester Result 2019 And B.B.A 4th Semester Result 2019

NU ar undare BBA course ti totally 4 th Year a 8ti catagory te poricalo na hoye thake. Genarelly NU Somporno Course ti sesh hole pore akshate BBA Final Year Result publish kore. tar age bba Students der result manually update kore. to apni jodi bba 3rd year or third year result / bba 4th year or fourth year result or B.B.A second semester result 2019-2018 And bba 3rd semester result 2019-2017 ar bba 5th and 6th ar result routine with any notice pete apnake nu ar website or ai site o nojor rakhun. acara apni jodi bba 7th or 8th year ar from fillup or BBA 4th semester result 2019 (exam year session 2017-2018) jante akhone visit korun nubd info ar notice board.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration or Business Faculty (BBA or BBA) is a graduate degree in trade departments and business faculty. At most universities, this degree is given only when a student has studied full time in one or more of the subjects involved in the business for four years. The BBA program is usually made up of two course courses in general business courses and specialized business courses (Academic Major).

Program components
This degree is designed to give a detailed knowledge about the company’s job direction and interaction between them. Where again a specially selected topic is made. The BBA program teaches students various types of topics and specializes in a well-selected academic field. This degree also improves the management skills, communication skills and business decision-making skills of students. There are many courses that provide institutional training and practical experience through discussions with Case Studies, Presentation, Internship, Industry Tourism and Industry Experts.

The real components or courses of this program are

  • Accounting
  • Business Law and Business Ethics
  • Economy
  • Money management
  • Human resources management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Job management
  • Institutional behavior
  • Dimensional mechanics (business statistics, value of money, work history)
  • Planned management

The following topics are specialized in this program

  • Accounting
  • Business venture
  • Finance
  • Real estate
  • Human resources management
  • International Business
  • Information Technology
  • Law management
  • Design management
  • Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Job management
  • Supply management
  • Mass relationship
  • Hospitality management

BBA Final Exam 2017-2018
Humanities and social sciences (history, economics, and literature) are emphasized as general education qualifications. There is a need for skill in mathematics. Because there are many courses in BBA that have to be done by the students. Such as accounting, statistics, business calculation, finance etc.

Divisions of BBA 2018-2019

  • Accounting department
  • Management Department
  • Marketing department
  • Recognition